Friday, May 28, 2010

chickens and marigolds

It was easy to feed this morning all the chickens were all under one roof. Donnie and his wife came over and put another chain link fence around this pen because they said the dogs would tare in there next or try too.
The neighbor got some beer under his belt yesterday and he went down and jumped on to the people who have the boxer dogs that killed the chicks.
I transplanted some zucchini squash in the hay where the brooder was. I gave the brooder to Donnie and he took it home. I also moved a few of my marigold plants to that bed so even in troubles there can be joy someday.
I still have 22 chickens and that is plenty for me. I just get the chicken fever every spring and go over board.

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Sister--Three said...

Well, I am glad someone is standing up for you. I have a little 410 and I would shoot the dog if I had the chance...sorry, I am just a little mean.