Monday, May 31, 2010

watering the veg.

I have finished my chores and while I was out I turned the water on and watered my pot garden. I lived where water was in shot supply and I can tell you I enjoy my water supply and having enough water to do what I wish with it.
Fleta came by yesterday and brought me a sack of new potatoes and we had a good visit and a few laughs together.
While I was at my son's I got to see my granddaughter Jessie Ann. Jessie married an illegal alien and he has been deported or when home of his free will. Jessie has gone there to meet his family and to see her husband. El Salvador is where he lives and I enjoyed hearing about her experiences in a foreign land.
I have several stories to tell but will only tell you one today because of a shortage of time.
Jessie was very uncomfortable, the weather was hot and the family has a very primitive life so Jessie and her husband went to rent a hotel for a couple of days. To get to the Hotel involves walking a mile to on a dirt road to a paved high way and then waiting for a bus and riding the bus to town.
There they rented a room in the only hotel in town that had a swimming pool and air conditioning room. The pool was fine but the air condition was not working and so my granddaughter declared they were leaving and she wanted her money returned for the second day. The owner maintained that the air was working and Jessie told him that she was from THE UNITED STATES and new what air condition was and his wasn't.
Her husband told her it was fine with him if they went home but they would have to walk. Jessie said she didn't care they were leaving! Jessie thought it was 3 miles? They started walking along the river, they live near a large river and her in- law fish for food for the family, anyway along came these friends in this small boat who offered to give them a ride home . Hurrah NO MORE WALKING. Jessie is like me being of a stout so the young men explained that she was to set in the middle of the boat. She sat in what she considered the middle but the boat owners said she must move to another seat not being a sailor and not familiar with boating Jessie couldn't get up and move. The young men and her husband had lift her and deposit her where she was to sat and they were on their way.
Since Jessie has came into the family their standard of living has rose. They have electricity, a oscillating fan and refrigerator for cold water and a flush toilet in a out side building with a cloth hung over the door. These were all Jessie's purchases. They also eat meat while Jessie is visiting. My granddaughter said she couldn't eat beans every meal. Purchasing the meat was a excursion in it self, The 3 sister-in-laws and the mother-in-law and Jessie walk to the high way and catch a buss to town where Jessie buys MEAT. She said getting it home took all hands and the cook. They had to pack it from the bus stop to the house but they had meat to make Tamales wrapped in banana leaves and cooked on a wood fire on the back porch, The families kitchen.
I expect that Jessie's in-laws enjoy her visits.

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