Sunday, May 16, 2010

rakes and Marigolds

The air is so damp here if you could wring it like a wash cloth water would pour out.
I wanted to plant cracker jack marigolds this morning and wanted my garden rake. I looked high and low . I decided Sammy had used it for some purpose and failed to put it back where I usual keep it, notice I never considered that Janet might have used it.
I gave up and used the hoe to rake the soil for the seeds. The place I put the seeds was down by the chicken house. When finished It dawned on me the rake was in the hen house. I had used it to rake the hay around in the chicken house 'cause I thought I might have a snake playing hide and seek. no snake but I left the rake in there in case I got that feeling again.
I bought a little bacon to make wilted lettuce and I need to get out and gather the lettuce. I bought a small amount of bacon 'cause I love the stuff and if it is in the house I will eat it then swell up like a bull frog. temptation is a problem for me when it comes to bacon and other things come to think about it.

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Sister--Three said...

Sorry about your bad soil here is good. That is another thing I like about the Meadow. We have lots of crows.

I guess I have messed up the date on my blog some way. I will leave it alone. I mess up the date on my camera too.