Thursday, May 20, 2010


My small pink rose is in full bloom. I wish there wasn't so much grass growing in it but I can't pull the grass because the thorns on this bush are bad.
Another rain filled day for today.
Blanche Lincoln failed to get a majority in her bid in the Democrat primary so that means she will be in a run off. I got 4 phone called the last few days that stated I am a volunteer for Blanche Lincoln and then I would hang up now I guess I will have more calls. I can not understand how someone thinks by calling again and again they will gain you vote.
Fleta told me one time when she got unwanted phone calls she would start talking to the person nonsense and they never called back maybe I will try that to get rid of vote for Blanche phone calls .

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Sister--Three said...

Saying, I am voting for Bill Halter!