Tuesday, May 18, 2010

wet backs and videos

Zeituni Onyango, does this name ring a bell? she is the aunt of Obama who was going to be deported while her nephew was learning the ropes of being top guy. Top guy has learned his job.
Miz. Onyango has been granted asylums and will be allowed to stay in this country. The report stated it wasn't really clear as to why she had been allowed to stay in this country, really?

Sister has been in California I hope she has her papers with her when she arrives back in Arizona, if not she could be deported to the land of her birth. Arkansas her she comes.

A sunny dry day has been promised here, I certainly will be glad for it. While I am on the subject of sisters the teacher sister has posted the funniest video of a squirrel I wish I knew how to steal it, I would post it for you but since I don't have the knowledge you ought to go visit her blog and see the video " squirrel in a bottle" it is cute to say the least. Here is the link.. http://gallacreek.blogspot.com/ or you could just click the name Betty in my side bar.
The Renfroe girls have cornered the market on videos, Erin posts videos of her son Clayton and Betty has taken up the habit and her videos are about wild life or perhaps I should say life in the wild.
I suspect the bird feeder in sis's video was a invention of her better half he should have took out a patient on the bird feeder he would have made millions.

I sent to town for more dirt and I am going to dig out the dirt tony brought me and put in the town dirt in a couple more tires. The squash I had that sprouted is drying and it has to be that red dirt Tony brought me so I am going to do a switch and plant more seeds.

Kelly came over and did some brush hogging yesterday so now we have a tractor setting in the yard. I wish it was equipped with plows I would go out and plow up the neighborhood and sow some wild oats. You have a good sun shine day.

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Sister--Three said...

You are right...Larry built the jar feeder. That is what he calls them. The corn does not get wet.