Thursday, June 17, 2010

After the rain

I have a sage plant out in the stick pile garden, I have had one down by the rose bushes but it is old and has been over run by grass . I usually don't use the sage from the plant but I always think if I need sage I have it besides it is something grandma always had in her garden so it makes me think of her when I see it. since it has rained I need to weed eat the grass again.

The day lilies are really going great guns this year. I have read some people dip the flowers in egg batter and then fry them that seems like a big waste of a flower that blooms and dies in one day of course the next day the bush has more blooms.

My bee balm is being crowed out by the day lilies, sometimes when I plant something I don't plan well and one plant will over ran another. oh well, the bee balm has been king of that corner for several years and change is not necessarily bad.

I have a hot pepper plant in the yard Inside this tire. This is part chicken yard dirt and some of Tony's red dirt and the plant is growing. notice the red dirt is beginning to grow grass somehow what ever was in the dirt and I still think weed killer is deadly to tomato plants.

I put 3 potatoes in this tub thinking I would try growing potatoes in a container, I started them off in Tony's red dirt and they grew like a house a fire . I keep adding dirt that I dug out of the chicken pen and everything was going great until one day I looked and my potatoes were dying.I think the potatoes had finally used all the food from the potato and was putting out roots into the red dirt and it was killing them. I was not to be out done so I put some of my neighbors touch-me-not in the top of the soil since the red dirt is only in the first 4 inches of the tote the touch-me-nots are doing well. Three of the potato plants are still struggling to live but I expect the red dirt will get them in the end.

My winter onions are putting on seed and this is the best year yet for the seeds, I think a person could harvest the seed and have green onions now off the top of the plant. We had so much rain the grass in the yard was so wet it was like walking in a creek out there as I looked for things to snap photos for this post.

The dogs go out with me in the morning and the small dog follows me around the yard but after Foxy does her morning chore she goes back on the porch and watches and waits for me to go back in the house. She is a house dog 100%.
The Chihuahua dog would stay out all day if I would.

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