Wednesday, June 16, 2010

around the yard

This is my zucchini squash vine. Have you ever seen such leaves on a plant? I have some yellow squash coming on in the garden on the stick pile out by the road .

The Easter egg chickens have settled right in and the red hens haven't been picking on the young pullets as much the last few days. The Easter eggers are 3 month old today. 3 more month and I should have green and blue eggs.

My marigolds are starting to bloom that I have growing in the chicken pen garden.
I have Zinnias growing in there too.

The cucumbers vines are loaded with blooms and I have seen a few cucumbers starting to grow soon I will be eating cucumber sandwiches, corn bread and a slice of cucumber, high society doesn't have anything on me.

The flower and vegetables garden I planted out where the stick pile was is beginning to look good. Do you see the tomato on that small tomato plant? I have tomato plants, yellow summer squash, a sage plant hot peppers and flowers growing in the garden out by the road where the stick pile was before Kelly and Donnie moved the sticks.
The sticks were from the ice storm we had year ago last January. Tony knew some one who had a wood chipper and was going around chipping the broken limbs so he got me a lot. the plan was to use it for the chicken pens to keep down the mud which I did for a while but then the sticks started to decompose they were wet so I had to start begging George for hay.
Fleta said George was hauling off his old hay and dumping it. He can haul it up here if he wants.

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