Saturday, June 19, 2010

Boy, we had a rain!

I thought about calling Fleta to see if she had rain but was scared she might get surly again.


Donna said...

We had a rain too. Of course, we have a rain every other day, so what's new. We will be invading your state 4th of July weekend, rain or no rain. If the weather is bad we'll drive the car and pull the motorcycle along on a trailer. We will be staying at the location of the old Dogpatch. The only thing that will stop us this time is a health crisis.

Sister--Three said...

All we got was rain.

Donna said...

Dogpatch is indeed closed; the Dogpatch motel, however, is now a biker motel and is thriving. All our motorcycle friends say the food is the best, and it's reasonable.