Thursday, June 24, 2010

check out

Fleta posted about wal-mart checker and I found another post this morning while making my rounds on the net.I don't really have a problem with checkers cause I seldom go to town to buy anything. The main thing I would say about wal-mart checkers are they are underpaid and kicked around. they have a check your self out Fleta so maybe you should use that register. Hart market has a checker that is a delight she is Miz bishop she has worked in every grocery store in Green Forest and is in her late 70's. I love her. when they changed the registers at Harts a few years ago I was worried she wouldn't make the change but she did and is still the best checker in the store.
I always check my tape when I get in the car to see if I need to go back and complain about something not long ago I was in the car and Janet was setting and waiting and said to me are you not going to check your tape? I have been know to make her turn around and go back if she leaves before I finish checking. That time I told her I am not checking my tape Miz. Bishop checked me out and even if I found a mistake I wouldn't go back.

This is the story I found on the net this morning....

I went to Walmart last night.Took me over an hour to get the things on my long list. Get to check out and had to wait in line When the cashier started to ring up the person in front of me I got the divider thing and started to put my things on the line. The cashier yelled at me. "You need to put the bar code where I can see them. Turn them this way'' And ignoring the guy in front of me started to turn my cereal boxes around so the bar code was facing her. I don't work at Walmart and I was not going to do her job so I finished unloading my cart. She was not happy and I was thinking I may have to find a manager. She would turn 5 items around scan them then bag them. Did everything that way. When she finished I handed the money to her she totally ignored me and started turning all the items of the next person around until my DD stuck the money in her face and yelled "excuse me.'' Moral of this story: People with OCD shouldn't work at Walmart.
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Sister--Three said...

Patsy, like you I always try to check my tape from the store. Often there is a mistake. Today, the checker said my coupon would not work. You have to buy 2 she said. I did buy 2 I told her and pointed to the two cheese pkgs. She said--this is for Keebler crackers! Uh Oh--I had gotten out the wrong coupon. Usually the mistakes at the store our my own. Grab the wrong thing and ask why I did not get the sale price. Surprisingly the checkers are usually very nice about it. I guess they are trained to handle OLD people that are a little goofy. Fleta is right tho. Walmart has the worse checkers in the young chicks. But I have found the teenage boys are great! I look for a young guys line. They are especially nice to old folks.

thesouthernlady64 said...

I agree that the young guys are nice to old folks. They always carry my groceries out when I go to Kroger. What gets me is the greeter at one of our Walmarts. He never gets a cart out for you and most of the time is half asleep when you come in. He never speaks either. I don't know why they have him there at all???? When you go in the other Walmart here, the guy has a cart ready, he is smiling, friendly and a joy to see. Weird!
I would have called the manager on that checker in the post above. I nearly got into it with one in Lowes not long ago that snapped at me. She was mad because she was working in the garden center and it was not where she usually works. I bet there are plenty of people out there needing a job bad enough to work at Walmart or Lowes plus customer service is one of your job responsibilities. I guess you can tell I don't like "snooty"
checkers. lol.