Saturday, June 26, 2010

cheney Ill

Chaney is in the hospital again with discomfort. He had his 5th heart attack early this year. I saw this post on the demarcate underground and I realize that we should not take pleasure in a fellow human being's suffering but in this case it is hard not too.

There was a man who, everyday, would buy a newspaper on the way to work, glance at the headline, and hand it back to the newsboy. Day after day the man would go through this routine. Finally the newsboy could not stand it and he asked the man, "Why do you always buy a paper and only look at the front page before discarding it?"The man replied, "I am only interested in the obituaries.""But they are on page 21. You never even unfold the newspaper.""Young man," he said, "the son of a bitch I'm looking for will be on the front page
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The 4th Sister said...

Well when I first saw this my first thought was the song. "I'll pray for you..." Oh mike is going on at least a day trip with his friend Matthew...It will be cool at my house all day today...