Friday, June 04, 2010

cucumbers and dogs

My pot of cucumber vines are putting on fruit. I grow them for Janet she loves cucumbers.
This Boston bull terror came to out house and we felt sorry for her, she was so thin, blind in one eye and is def. The other day I went to move the car and she was under the car and I didn't know that she was there. I ran over her foot, she ran down and got under the neighbor trailer and stayed for 2 days. When she came out I wanted Sammy to shoot her because she was suffering but he refused and now it seems she is going to be OK.
I see the oil spill had arrived in Pensacola, Florida. They had white sand now it will be oily. What a shame. The birds and wild life are suffering mightily. I have said it before and I will say it again, this may destroy all life on earth. The oil will be the death of the oceans and then mankind.
I am reminded of a song we sang in Church when I was a child..
Leave the downward path kindle not his wrath
or he will set your fields on fire.

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