Sunday, June 06, 2010

June flowers

I usually just grow zinnias, marigolds, touch-me-not and tried and true flowers but I went a little crazy at wal-marts the first of may and I bought this red Daisey. It cost me 3 dollars which is more than I would usually spend for a plant unless it was a rose bush or a shrub. I thought since it was a Daisey it would do well in my new flower bed not so because the sun shins all day on the bed and the plant wilted up every day. I moved it today up against the trailer hoping it will live there.
It was my hope it would come back every year but I am thinking it is a house plant and if it is it will die this winter.
The pots of cucumbers and zucchini squash are blooming. We will have vegetables to eat soon. I have one tomato it is the size of a marble and I have lots of blooms.
Listen to the Ray Stevens on you tube. I can't decide if he is a Palin pal or is putting us on as I remember Stevens he maybe spoofing us.
I made a post about my knee hurting and sister said she would pray for me and I was comforted until I read her post here.

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