Friday, June 25, 2010

knock knock

There was a knock on the door yesterday and when I went to the door My niece Cheryl Ann stood before me holding a arm load of books.She brought me several books that I will enjoy reading.
Early there was a knock and my neighbor was there she ask did I want any green tomatoes? She said she had just picked a 5 gallon bucket half full for the life of me I can't understand why anyone would go pick that many green tomatoes!
The cucumbers are putting out some fruit and I will soon have yellow squash to eat. No tomatoes yet but I usually have ripe tomatoes by July 4th.


Sister--Three said...

That was nice of Cheryl Ann to bring you tomatoes.

Balisha said...

I'm wondering why she would pick them this early in the season. Usually we try to find a use for them before the first frost. I suppose you could let some of them ripen, make fried green tomatoes, salsa if you are so inclined.Let us know what you decide to do with them. Have a nice weekend.

sunnycalgirl said...

Stopping in to say hello from So. California. We do not live in the country but my husband does have a small backyard garden that provides us with plenty of tomatoes and enough to give away..I am happy to have joined your blog..

Sister--Three said...

Duh, I reread that. I was thinking about my tomatoes. I should have said books. I did read the post.