Thursday, June 10, 2010

today in my world and yours

Helen likes pig photos so this is for her.
We had two nice showers yesterday and every plant in my garden is dancing a jig this morning. I water the plants but the rain that falls from the heavens is so much better for the garden.
Helen is going to be gone for a week taking the girl back to Washington and cooler weather.
This is nurse day.
I see on the net people are shoot out windows in gas stations due to the oil spill in the ocean now don't you know that will do a lot of good.
Blanche Lincoln won over her challenger here in Arkansas. The unions had backed the other fellow but unions have never been strong in our state so the argument the unions put forth against Lincoln didn't sway many people. Lincoln still has to face her Republican Challenger in the fall.
Suzanne Corona was caught have sex in a public park in Bativia, New York by the police and charged with public
lewdness and additional charge was slapped on after the law discovered she was married she was charged with adultery.
Illegal aliens are fleeing Arizona 7 weeks before the law goes into effect saying if you look like a alien you must show proof you are not mean while on the border teenage boys Mexican citizens threw rocks and our lawmen and the cops shot one of the kids. He died on the Mexican side of the border and it was not clear if he was shot on this side of the border and then was able to flee to the other side or not but you know people who dare to challenge our cops will get shot if not tasered. The law men are always right even if they are wrong.

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