Wednesday, June 23, 2010

up and at 'um

It's 2:09 in the Am and I am up. I was sleepy last evening and went to bed at 7:30 so I woke and after tossing and turning for a hour I decided to get up. One thing about retirement you can sleep when you want and wake when you want.
I see that the top General in the Afghan war found it necessary to criticize his commander in chief in the rolling stone magazine of all places and to make fun of Joe Biden calling him bite-me. Everyone is wading in on wither the President should fire him or not some people think he is to valuable at this time to chuck down a gofer hole but I think if he isn't smart enough to know that interview would get him in hot water The President should fire him because he has shown he is stupid and as sister is fond of saying you can't fix stupid!
One of the author of blogs that I read has had brain surgery and yesterday she posted her phone number on the web, I was thinking maybe this was not a good idea and perhaps if I called her and suggested gentle that it wasn't the thing to do she would remove her number. I got her husband on the phone and told him to tell her I called and hope she was better soon I told him I saw her number on her blog. I guess they decide to take the phone number down cause it is gone and she says hold all calls for a time. I figure I did my good deed for the week. if putting your number on the web means you get calls from a crazy woman in Arkansas it is time to remove the phone number.
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Fleta said...

Good advice. I have been getting calls from a crazy woman in Arkansas for 40 years. I am going right now and remove my number.

Sister--Three said...

You know Larry's Mom had a brain tumor. Hope all goes well for this lady...hope it goes better than the story we lived.

thesouthernlady64 said...

I love Fleta's comment. That is so funny. Glad you called her and she removed it. That picture of the creek looks so good and so inviting I would love to just wade around or take a cool dip. It is 97 degrees here today with humidity of 94 percent. I used to love hanging out in the creek.