Saturday, June 26, 2010


Sister brought me green beans, squash 2 kinds, cucumber and tomatoes. I had a good visit with her.
I have stemmed the green beans and they are cooking.
I went on the porch to see her off and when I got back Sammy had the 2 biggest tomatoes on a plate eating. I hope they leave me one so when the green beans are cooked I can have tomato and green beans.
Her garden has done well this year. Betty's has burnt up. Mine has not burnt up 'cause I water every other day.

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Sister--Three said...

Larry is going to put a pump in the well here. We have city water. But he says next year we will have a garden to dream of. I am getting corn now. But it is not as good as it would be if it had rained one more time. My green beans are though. My sqush died. My tomatoes are full but after I sprayed I can't harvest for 2 weeks. Woe is me.