Saturday, June 05, 2010

a weed

This plant grows here along the fence row and I wish I knew what the name is.
sunshine today.
I am having trouble with my left knee and can hardly walk. I can not lay down and sleep because it begins to ache after a few seconds.


Sister--Three said...

Both my knees hurt. Fleta says I walk just like Granny Gaddy.

The 4th Sister said...

Maybe you just turned it wrong and it will get better..I'll pray for you.

thesouthernlady64 said...

We have something that grows here like that and I think they call it Queen Ann's Lace. Yours may not be the same thing though. Sorry about your knee. I hope you feel better and have a good weekend.

Donna said...

Looks like Queen Anne's Lace to me. I'm sorry about your knee. Believe me, I understand knee pain.