Monday, June 14, 2010

working on the yard

Happy birthday to sister. I hope it is a good day for you.
I took out the weed eater and slayed some grass and weed that had grew up and was crowding my plants. There is a gentle rain falling at this time.
I have 3 squash on the pot squash. I am anxious for them to get big enough to eat. I lost all the Tomatoes plants growing in the tubes and tires that had that dirt Tony brought me even after I dug most of it out and bought potting soil and put it in the pots and tires so I have zinnias coming up in one and marigolds in another . my theory is that the roots wont go deep enough to reach the red dirt. We will see.

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Sister--Three said...

My straight neck squash must have a disease. I am getting a few...I have planted some crook neck as Larry says they are more hardy. Larry knows all about gardens from working in the feed and seed store 20 years.

I must go get my dr. license as they expire today. I am old wow 60 that sounds so old.