Thursday, July 01, 2010


This is Annie she is one year old and this morning she is going for a ride. My daughter is taking her to be spade. She was in heat last month and we don't want to go thro' that again. I suppose Annie wouldn't mind but we do, you open the door and Annie is out side and that is a no no when there are male dogs every where.
The temperature at 6:45 am is 61 degrees and the weather report says the high will be 88 degrees all week. Can this be the first of July?
"Call Me al", The Portland police have decided to take another look at the complaint of the 54 year old masseuse claimed Al Gore sexually assaulted her in 2006 when she was sent to his room to give him a rub down and he wanted her to rub up actually I believe she is telling the truth. Anyone with any experience with old men knows they are THAT WAY.
The truth is I have always thought the so called massage was of a sexual nature in the first place or could become so very fast. I wish I could hire a 25 year old good looking young man to rub me up or is that down.
Biden says the republicans will use Nazi tactics in the coming election. I am amazed at everyone in DC throwing the Nazi term around after all the Nazis killed people if they didn't agree with them and so far no one has killed anyone.

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Sister--Three said...

Looks like Annie wants a chicken.