Sunday, July 25, 2010

Attention, sister

I don't know where this information came from but this guy in the state of Oregon posted this and it sounds like a good story. this is his post..if you want to check his blog just click on my title to this post.
Sister wanted me to check out BP and the oil and gas used in the war by our Armies so ask and you shell receive. I believe this is the smoking gun.
No matter how cynical you get, you just can't catch up.
Lily Tomlin
Not that there haven't been enough abortions going on in the debacle in the Gulf of Mexico, but I'll bet you didn't realize that our good corporate friend BP is deeply involved in our war effort in Afghanistan!
But first, I have to give you some intelligence you didn't know about Krygyzstan. It's an important part of the puzzle on our entire war effort in Afghanistan. You may not know that one of the reasons for all of the ethnic violence over there right now is that a group of dissidents deposed the former President of Kyrgyzstan a month or so ago. But did you know that Kyrgyzstan is the major route for heroin from Afghanistan, and that the former President Bakiyev is up to his eyeballs in his involvement with the heroin traffickers?
The ethnic cleansing of the Kyrgyzs against the Uzbeks means that Kyrgyzstan will sooner or later degenerate into the status of being a failed state, and that's where the crown jewel of our logistical efforts to supply Afghanistan is -- Manas Air Force Base. So, while we've been paying baksheesh to the president who was fronting for the drug traffickers, now the US government will have to operate its base in a country that will quickly begin to resemble Somalia. And we all know how successful we were when we tried to maintain a military effort in Somalia.
But wait, it gets even worse for our war efforts in Afghanistan, because the only other supply route for NATO forces is through Pakistan, and there's this continuing problem of Talibanis and others who insist on blowing up our convoys. That's why Kyrgyzstan is the preferred delivery option for military supplies. There's only one problem with all of this.
A defense expert has estimated that the actual cost of supplying our troops with fuel is through Russia and Kazakhstan (corruption squared) before it goes through Kyrgyzstan (corruption cubed) before it finally makes it to the Afghani border. And once the gasoline gets to the Afghani border, we have to pay off the Taliban and the warlords for safe protection so our fuel convoys don't get torched. But then the Talibani and warlords are the same people we're fighting against down the road. So we're paying protection money to the people we're fighting against. And the estimated cost per gallon of gas on the ground in Afghanistan is estimated at $150 a gallon!
And here's where this shaggy dog story ends. Who do you think is the Defense Department's major supplier for gasoline in Afghanistan?
If you guessed BP, congratulations!
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