Thursday, July 15, 2010

Clay McGarrah Harrison Arkansas

Yesterday the Mcgarrah family buried their son ,clay a 20 year old young man and by all acounts a fine young man.I have seen and read interviews of the family trying to console each other with thought that it was God's will but next month, next year he will still be dead and his place at the table will be vacant. He joined the service and when he was in Arghandab River valley in Afghanistan after a few days he called his father and told him he was on portal and didn't have a gun because someone had robbed the unit of some of their guns, a few days later he called again and still was out in the field without a gun, a few days later he called and he had a gun and he told his family "I will be OK now." the next day July 4, 2010 he died when the vehicle he was in hit a bomb in the road. I feel for the family but His death was a waste and should never have happen.
His family and friends called him “Clayboy.” The U.S. Army called him “An American Soldier.”
No matter what they called him, they all said good-bye to Army Specialist Clay McGarrah in an emotional and respectful funeral service Wednesday afternoon.
More than 450 people filed into Faith Assembly of God Church at 2 p.m. Wednesday for the service, and the majority then joined in a funeral procession that spanned miles
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