Friday, July 16, 2010

easter eggers 18 weeks old

Humidy is high this morning, if you look you can see the dew on the flowers in my yard . I have grown gladiolus in the yard for several years but this year I have one. When I was working I would buy bulbs and plant new bulbs every spring but since I have retired I have not had the money for such things so now I only have one left.
My zinnias are doing very well since we have had sun shine the last couple of days.
I gathered 7 eggs yesterday from 12 hens; they have been slacking off some for the last month. The easter egger chickens are 18 weeks old and should start to lay in a few weeks just in time for the red hens to start their molt.
Woe is me the spell checker isn't working this morning.

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The 4th Sister said...

so glad you have that nice camera...those are some good shots...I first thought you snagged the 1st one off the net but decided you shot it....