Sunday, July 04, 2010

Garden and chickens

The fourth of July and light rain here. I feed the chickens and hurried back to the house after snapping their photo.
Annie the pup who under went surgery to remove her sex organs Thursday seems to have recovered and is ready to hit the door in the morning when I go feed.
I am going to have to take my salt shaker to the tomato patch if I ever want a taste of tomato. I got two yesterday and by the time I got settled Sammy had ate both. When I was a girl I would go to the garden and eat the tomato right from the vine. This was the best tomatoes I ever ate.
I chuckled at Bill Clinton when talking about Robert Byrd joining the KKK he said Byrd was trying to get elected that is exactly what I said. Clinton knows that when people are running for office they always take the point of view that is popular at the time. He has been there and done that.

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Balisha said...

That pup looks pretty frisky to me. Don't you wish we could recover that fast? When I used to plant peas, I would start picking them and eat them before I had a chance to share with the family. I love warm tomatoes too..Have a nice day today...Balisha