Monday, July 12, 2010

harvest bowl

7 ripe tomatoes this morning along with 2 crook new squash and cucumbers. This has not been a good year for me to grow vegetables. The month of July when the tomatoes should start showing their bounty has turned cool and sopping wet. the only thing doing well is the foliage on the plants they are going full speed ahead. This weather is more like spring than summer.

I am getting 5 to 7 eggs a day. The hens are slacking off also. My pullets are 17 weeks old and should start laying in 8 weeks or so. My customers are chomping at the bit because I don't have many eggs to sell.

We had another down pour yesterday seems every day the rains falls and it is just like living in the tropics.

BP has replaced the cap on the big oil well and reports it is doing great. The people along the coast that make their living from fishing and tourist are in poor circumstance. If you live off tourist and they don't come what can you do? and the people who work the waters of the ocean for shrimp and fish to sell are in the same fix. I have read report that the chemicals that BP sprayed on the oil to make it disperse is causing people to get sick.

Talking about people getting sick I saw a article that the people who work in the chemo therapy hospitals are getting sick from handling the chemo drugs or what ever you call the stuff that Cancer patients are treated with.
While wading the wet grass this morning i saw the first grass hoppers of the season and they were so wet and slow that I caught them with ease after which I tossed them to the chickens . I love to see the hens go crazy with a grass hopper in the pen. I guess the hoppers are chickens favorite food.


Sister--Three said...

Sounds like a good day there indeed.

The 4th Sister said...

At my chemo place the nurses mix the chemicals through a glass enclosure like they handle preme babies through those arm tubes containers....The nurses all change clothes and their shoes at work as to not bring the chemicals home to their children...They do not wear gloves when they hang the bags...I think I would do that just in case there were chemicals on the outside of the bags.... They take turns mixing the stuff so on one person is always exposed. There is no part of their job I would enjoy. mostly they just see people that look healthy, then look like death, then sometimes look healthy again finially to look bad again and die...There was a sentence in a book I read about chemo nurses the guy said, 'I would not be surprised to see wings sprout out from under their scrubs.' I agree with him...There are thousands of different kinds of chemo drugs so they are exposed to many different drugs all of the time...