Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Definition of Bitch.. Female dog.
You know that in April I got a letter from the company that supplied me with Internet service for 7 years and I had to find another server because the company was not going to service our area any longer , Sister had the same server and she had to find a new server also.
This was April 14 and they said after May first that they would not provide us with Internet service.
OK, I went shopping for a new service and found one right away. I called the company that I had used for 7 years and told them go ahead and shut it down now and not wait till May first.
They did but my daughter told me they were still sending us a bill and she had been throwing them in the trash. I said maybe you better bring the next one home and I will call them.
I got the bill today, they wanted 3 months payment plus late fees. I started calling and of course all you can get is a machine and that says punch this number, punch that number and round and round you go. Most of the recording had to do with me paying my bill.
I finally got a person on the phone and after going round and round trying to tell her they were charging me when I didn't owe them anything and they were the one who stop my service the live person said she would have to transfer me to some one else. More waiting and the recording telling me how easy it would be to pay my bill I get another woman on the line.
She start wanting to know this and that and I told her just to hold on and listen to me. Finely I was able to tell her the company was sending me bills and threatening letter and they no longer serve me.
She said I shouldn't be so rude and I was mean to her. I told her she hadn't seen mean yet because my sister had the same problem and you just Wait until she gets you on the phone.
I said the reason I had to wait so long I was sure the company had done the same thing to a lot of people and that was why she was busy.
after a while she cleared my name on her computer and said I didn't owe any thing. I can't wait until next month to see if they send me another bill.
The company machine say punch 1 for so and so punch 2 for so and so. most of the number are different ways you can pay your bill. I told her to tell the company they needed to put number 10 on their machine and say if we are trying to get you to pay us for a service you don't have because we stop serving you punch number 10!
A bitch is a female dog ...or someone who doesn't want to keep paying a company after the company terminates their service.


Margie's Musings said...

Generally, on those automatons, if you just push 0 you can get a real person.

I hate arguing with an automated phone.

Sister--Three said...

Glad you got them straightened out.

Anonymous said...

Ha-Ha, I love it, Patsy. You should have given her a mouthful. Nothing makes me madder than someone sending me a bill for something I don't owe and telling me I owe it! I hope sister gives them h---!