Sunday, July 25, 2010

hot July days remembered and a snow July day

On this date my father was born, July 25th ,1915. 95 years ago today. Grandpa told me it snowed in the Ozarks the night dad was born and even tho' Grandpa never told an untruth as I was sure this time he was telling me a fib but a few years ago the weather man mentioned it snowed on July 25, 1915 so Grandpa wasn't telling me a fib .
I went out and worked some more on my guinea pen It reminds me of the old goat shed we had in 1954 remember Clayton? Grandpa was sick and dad was over there before he left he told me and brother to catch the female goats that had a lot of milk and strip them out so their bags wouldn't ruin. That goat shed was built on a slant with the roof going down to the ground and we had to get in there a crawl on our hand and knees to wrestle the goat out of the shed . The goat didn't want to be caught so we had a hard time in the dust and heat. Winnie Jo mentioned how hot it was that year when grandpa died. we waited until the sun went down so that they would go in the pen before we did the chore and I remember how big and bright the harvest moon was that night. I looked at the red moon hanging in the night sky in the direction where grandpa lay on his bed and thought about the fact he would be dead by morning . The date was July 15, 1954.
July 13, 1961 mother gave birth to a son, her last child we named him Gilbert Melton Powell.


The 4th Sister said...

another story I did not know..

Sister--Three said...

I am glad to hear about all this. In 1954--you were 16 and Clayton was 10. Just thinking about it all.......