Saturday, July 31, 2010


I want to go the library today if I get limber enough to go. I could hardly walk when I got up but I feed the chicken and water all my plant so now I am walking some better. Some days I can hardly go.
The chickens got a water melon Rhine that Sammy threw out last night. They enjoy picking on the melon. I caned a quart and a pint of my Jalapeno pepper yesterday. I put vinegar on them and some water a little salt and cook them until they turn color then put them in jars for winter. I put them in soup and if we eat pinto beans the juice is good on them.
I saw Sara Gilbert the star on Rosanne said she was lesbian; Rachel maddow of Msnbc new and Ellen DeGeneres have all came out of the closet. I wonder if all actresses and TV personalities are gay. I have long thought that most of the male actors were homosexuals .

it seems to be a job requirement in the field.

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sunnycalgirl said...

We have a program where a person can get books delivered to them if unable to get out..Mmm! Pinto beans!Have a great day!