Monday, July 19, 2010


It is going to be another hot day here of course what can I expect in July. Only a few days ago I was complaining about getting rain every day. some people are never happy.
This rose is a peace rose. I tried to take a close up from a distant and the blades of grass was across my photo seems some thing is always in the way of what we want to do even if it is only a blade of grass.
My legs have been so stiff and sore for the last 3 month I can hardly walk around and when I walk they pop and snap like you would not believe. I wish it would go away.
I still have not got much in the way of a tomato harvest . I have several green tomatoes seems they start to turn red and then they rot.
I am getting 8 eggs most days now. The chickens get very hot in the after noon. I have never noticed hens acting like they are so hot like these do and I am wondering if it is the breed. In case you don't know how a hen acts when she is hot she holds her wing away from her body and pants.

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