Friday, July 16, 2010

oil spill report Huston

I have always thought if you want to know something and could get some one one on the scene to report that would be the way to go. Today daughter had to have a car part we couldn't get local so she did a search and found a parts house in Huston Texas that had the part. son Sammy Had to take the phone while she gathered information for the fellow on the phone; I thought he spoke good English Sammy had him on speaker, he told us he live most of his life in magnolia Arkansas, that explains the good speech.

Sammy said to kill time how is the weather there; he said HOT Sammy replied it 100 degrees here, not really but oh well. Sam said "it really is bad about the oil spill, the man replied "it terrible,; we have tare balls on our beaches. Sammy said they have ruined the ocean and the salesman said that is right. Daughter arrived to take the phone or we could have learned more.

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