Thursday, July 29, 2010

roosters and trucks

Janet made it to work and back in the truck. I was awake when she came home so I stood on the porch to see if the light didn't shine to high and shined where it should and it looked OK to me. The bumper is to low on the right side and they said they might be able to take it all apart and hammer it higher and I thought they might hammer it out of line or break something so I said leave it for her to see everyday and perhaps that would remind her to be careful.

It doesn't look the best but it holds the road like it should and the motor and transmission are just fine so for my part that is what is important.

It is going to be hot today. I got the electric bill yesterday and it was 212 dollars, the air conditioning has been going great guns.

Only got 3 eggs yesterday. I may have had a visit from a snake or maybe it is just to hot for the hens to lay eggs. I am going to have pullets laying in a month. I have 9 or 10 pullets . the one that I thought might be a rooster hasn't crowed yet so maybe he isn't a male. This is the only time I have hoped one of the new chicks was a rooster usually they are crowing by the time they are 3 months old. The one with the most white on him is the one I think might be a rooster.

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