Thursday, July 29, 2010


The trouble in Arizona makes me sad; I have always been on the side of the under dog having been a under dog most of my life but the truth be told they should do something about corporation America that are hiring these poor people for a cheap wage. the people with no papers live from hand to mouth and they are desperate for any work they can find. God have mercy on the poor souls.
I still think if you make them legal there wont be a problem but the rich people in this country want to keep them on their knees begging for the hand out they receive from working in our country. They work in our fields, harvesting our food, they work in our factories making our cloths they take care of our children and they work in our restaurants fixing our food while we complain about the illegal we should look in the mirror.

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sunnycalgirl said...

Gee weird I just posted and we are on the same thought..Just check it out!Wow!You are right..who will do their jobs. Many people have to much pride to do their jobs. I have wanted to see the movie A Day Without A Mexican. I think it is supposed to be funny but maybe truthful.