Friday, July 09, 2010

the yard and neighbors

The cucumbers are doing well. I gave 2 to the nurse yesterday and Fleta brought me some more tomatoes. One was just Hugh so I gave it to the nurse. I had to tell her sister grew it. She ask how sister was able to grow such tomatoes? I told her his name was George.

the bumble bee is busy gathering pollen and making me more squash.

I don't remember every having this much rain in July. We had another flood yesterday.
While the rain was coming down yesterday we had a little internment, Our neighbor called this fellow Art to work on their air conditioning, we know Art because he had done work for us and he is my son Kelly neighbor. the neighbors got angry at Art and ordered him off their property, The neighbor was drunk, Art pulled his service truck in our yard and hollowed at Sammy who was on the porch and Art yelled " am I on your property ,Sam?" after Sam told him he was he got out of his truck and traded insults with the neighbor. Mean time Sammy tries to sell Art a gun he owns, Sammy told Art this is a good gun and Art says go get it and let me look at it.

There is a bee in this blossom and he is so covered with pollen you can hardly see him. if you enlarge the photo by clicking on it you will see what I mean.

My tomatoes are rotting on the vine so I picked some green and put them on the porch. I found one yellow squash and blooms that the bumble bees were working.


Sister--Three said...

The flowers are so bright. It rains here but is only a drizzle. Some of my tomatoes are rotting too, but I am getting a bunch of them.

I hope the neighbor got the message with the look at the shot gun.

sunnycalgirl said...

Sounds like a lot of activity around your part of the world..with bees, nice veggies and irritated people. Today I work only four hours and I am glad...TGIF..