Wednesday, August 11, 2010

good news, bad news

I am sure that one of my EE blue, green egg pullets has lay an egg the last couple of days . The bad news is it is brown! I know that these EE some times lays brown eggs. I just hope one or two of the EE's will lay blue eggs. Oh, well!
We have had clouds today. today was payday for me but I wasn't able to go do my shopping I had to send daughter by her self.
Sammy and his cousins went to Mo. to swim and they stopped for lottery tickets and he won 100 dollars. That reminds me of when the state of Mo. first started selling lottery tickets Cheryl's Uncle won a goodly amount and he went to the Green Forest, Arkansas post office to mail his ticket off to get his money. I want you to know the post master a federal employee refused to let him mail the ticket because Arkansas had anti gambling laws. The TV station in Springfield Mo. found out and came down to put Mr. federal employee on TV. It wasn't long until they rolled out the red carpet for Cheryl's uncle at the post office. I am always glad to see smart Alec's get their due.

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Sister--Three said...

Blue or brown about the same on the inside.

Good for Sam, big winner.