Thursday, August 19, 2010

kats and kits

The calico cat is at least 3 years old. she spends a lot of time on my porch. She is posing for the camera here.

I counted 5 cats yesterday the white cat belongs to the white cat who lost her paw and the 2 kittens may belong to her. I see them near her a lot. The calico cat is the oldest cat around now since the old yellow mama cat disapeared. The last time I remember seeing her was last fall.


Sister--Three said...

Have a good day and think of Fleta and i...working.

Anonymous said...

They are all pretty cats. I used to have a six-toed cat and all her kittens would have six toes. Someone told me that was a sign of inbreeding. lol. I think calico cats are pretty with all the different colors.

Balisha said...

They look so contented.