Monday, August 30, 2010

keets and kittens

The poor white cat with the missing paw has 4 kittens over here this morning. I found 1 in the tub of water drown yesterday. Made me remember my Aunt Betty's cat had kittens on their back porch and I decide that I would baptise them, I must have heard grandpa talking about baptising and so I got the kittens and put them in grandma's wash tub that aways set under the drip with water for washing cloths. Aunt Betty went screaming to daddy"she drown my kittens." of course nothing could be down by then cause I had done a good job.
I feed the guineas and heard the guinea call "Buck wheat, buck wheat" this morning, I thought I heard it yesterday but was not sure but it was good and loud this morning. The front porch Guineas are 40 days today. One of the little keets had escaped this morning and luckily for him I saw him before he became cat food. It got out the gate , the holes in the gate are not small enough to turn the keets. . I did some reinforcement and I hope that they will stay in the pen now if not they might become kitten food.
I guess Helen is on her way to arizonia by now.

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