Monday, August 23, 2010

neighbor children

My cucumbers did poorly this year and I decided to pull them up and plant new seed. They are blooming and I should have cucumbers in a few days.
The little hen setting on the guineas eggs has set for 23 days. A chicken egg hatches in 21 days. I suppose the hen is thinking what is wrong with this set up? If she will just hang on 3 to 5 days she will have chicks or in this case keets. I read that a guinea egg hatches in 26 to 28 days.
The tomatoes are about gone. We will miss them when they have passed producing. Sister wanted a ripe tomato. I may be able to provide her with one tho' it will be small.
Some got rain yesterday but not us. It was 95 degrees when I last checked at 6 pm. School has started here and the neighbor boys are riding in with their mother rather than riding the bus. This is the first summer I haven't been plagued with their fights, they spent the summer going with their mother and loafing around town. This is a prescription on how to raise juvenile delinquents but it was nice and peaceful on the hill.
I heard they took their BB guns to town and was down on the Tyson parking lot with them. I guess their mother was told about it. She is suppose to be head of security which is a joke in it self. I guess she was singing "don't take your gun to town, son."


Sister--Three said...

I am glad those neighborhood kids are out of your hair.

I hope no ones windows where shot out in the parking lot.

Donna said...

Neighbor kids were one of the main reasons I wanted to move back here behind the barn in a trailer house, and I have never been sorry. No kids cutting through the yard all hours of the night, peeking in the windows.
My tomatoes will soon be gone also, but I sure had them longer than I expected.