Saturday, August 07, 2010

no state

I have noticed of late something that I can't recall happening with such regularity, case in point the state of California last year passed a law called prop. 8 and now a Federal judge has declared , no no!
Then we have California's neighbor on the south east, that feisty Arizona passes a law saying if your are in our state and not a citizen we are going to throw you in jail and send you south of the border as quick as we can and the federal government says no no! if you do we will sue.
Back to Californian they have declared that a little weed is OK if you are ill and maybe we can start taxing weed if we legalize it so lets put it up to vote now the federal government isn't waiting for that to pass they are saying no no! even before hand.
There must be something in the water out west that makes people independent and down right contrary.
The issue here is does a state have the right to pass laws and enforce said laws even if the federal government says the laws are not to their liking?

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