Friday, August 20, 2010

The shape of a good hen

This is one of my easter egger hens. She is what I consider a good looking hen , a good looking hen is one that has a round shape and when viewed from the rear has a broad cushiony bottom.
She should start to lay any time I had thought that one of my easter eggers was laying eggs that was colored brown but I have decided that it was one of my red hens that happened to lay a small egg on that day perhaps my EE's will still lay blue/green eggs.
I tried to think that I had an EE rooster but since all the BYC people say she is a hen after I posted her photo I have decided I don't have a rooster in my pen. Nephew Donnie's wife has decided she will find me a rooster. They are going to Durham Arkansas today to look at chickens and she wants to buy me a rooster. I told her that would be fine but she has 40 Young chickens and I said at least half will be rooster. She was amazed that half of her young bird were males then I explained that she would be lucky if half were females.
I told her about my sister who always got 2 rooster to 1 pullet and she was amazed.
The lady selling the nephew chickens is telling them lots of tall tales about chicken and I am exposing her fibs as soon as they pass them on to me.
She told Emma that if she got a male and female pair of Sebright bantams she could sell them for 150. 00 dollars. I told Emma we could buy them next spring from cackle hatchery for 3 dollars each and for Emma to ask the woman how many pairs would she buy from us at 150 a pair. Emma wanted me to go with her over there but that woman might shot me if I showed up.
The lady is trying to sell them Silky and Sultans chickens and I told Emma these chickens were noted for one thing and that was laying few eggs as was the Sebright bantams.
Emma is sold on the idea of rare/fancy chickens but I explained to her the reason a breed is rare is that that breed had problems of some sort take for instance the Japanese bantam, they have a gene that causes the chick to die in the shell hence this breed is rare.


Velvet Sacks said...

This hen has some really pretty coloring.

Sister--Three said...

I like just plain ole mixed up Banties. But Larry's mom had the ee chickens and they are hardy and lay for a long time. I keep looking at our chicken places but so far no ee chickens down here. Just bantams.