Thursday, August 05, 2010

think cooool

I was so miserable hot yesterday afternoon. I am worried for the chickens and the keets. I took a wet towel and lay over the wire pen I have the keets in and I have hung a tarp on the west side of the chicken pen trying to give them so shade in the late afternoon.
Today the high is suppose be 95 degrees strange when that sound cool. I have just about gave up on my plants in the yard. It is so hot that they all are just wilting.
Fleta called and said she would bring me tomatoes today. I bet her garden is suffering too.
Janet told me that Donna Russell was working at the Green Forest Tyson plant, I worked for her and since I have retired she has moved to a new job. I called her and said I was wondering what my chances would be in getting hired today , she first said today? then she said who is this? I told her and she said no, you are on the no rehire list! best list I have ever been on.
I have to go feed before the sun gets high in the sky.


Anonymous said...

My tomatoes are getting ripe before they get very big it is so hot here! It was 99 with a heat index up to 113. The humidity is so bad if you walk to the mailbox your clothes get wet from sweat in a few minutes. Everything is burning up. I watered last night but my flowers look terrible. That snow in the picture almost looks good. Notice I said "almost".

Sister--Three said...

When the weatherman said we would get relief and then said the relief would be 95...I just could not be too happy over that. 85 sounds a lot better.
we are not mowing...grass is turning brown.

Fleta said...

She is not Donna Russell. Now, it is Donna Gilbert.

My tomatoes do not look as pretty as they did. It is way too hot for them. Some are getting sun scald. and so am I.