Friday, August 06, 2010

Trip plan no. 4

This is the little flowerbed/garden I put where the chick brooder was , the chicks that got killed by the dogs. that is a late tomato plant with the water hose on it.
We had cool weather yesterday with clouds all day not much rain but lots of cool air. It is 72 degrees now and foggy. maybe fall is coming early.
Helen is having a problem with her trip seems Billy wont be here so she will not have a ride home. plan no.2 was Missy, Benjamin and Helen were coming and would stay 2 days and fly home. Plan no. 3 is they are renting a crop duster plane and plan to fly over and drop leaflets saying " Hello". Plan no.4 The DEA has employed her to fly over northwest Arkansas and Benjamin is to take photos of any marijuana patches he sees.


The 4th Sister said...

Oh Pat you are a hoot...but I do expect you to come down to Fleta's when we get tpgether...The alturnative is we ALL come to your house....will someone please get in touch with Gilbert

Sister--Three said...

What a plan.