Friday, September 17, 2010

Carter and Kennedy

The cats are in my door way every morning waiting on breakfast. I wonder if they would catch a mouse if it happen by?probably not I may feed to well.
My nurse came back yesterday, I was glad to see her. She was on time spent a few minutes here and was gone like a summer breeze.
The grass is very wet this morning I believe it is due but could be rain.
I have been seeing reports on the news that the tea party candidates are taking over the republican part this fall. They are described as the extreme right so maybe the election will not be so drastic for the Democrats cause extreme any thing has very little chance in winning in a general election. I read where bill Clinton said the tea party candidates made George Bush look liberal.
I saw that Jimmy Carter is saying the people would have had national health insurance decades ago except for Ted Kennedy blocking Carters attempt to get it passed. seems to me that Jimmy Carter really carries a grudge to the extreme. We know he was so angry at Bill Clinton that he has waged a running spit ball attack on all that Bill does now it seems he feels the same way about Kennedy. I remember Harry Truman had some of the same traits as Carter.

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Sister--Three said...

he is like the church deacon who only wants the spotlight on himself. I have tried a few of his books and I just can't read them. I loved his mother, though.