Friday, September 10, 2010

Off with his head or instant search

I found this picture on the net and I like it. My guineas are not as colorful as these but they are as beautiful.
This is Friday in Arkansas as well as every where else!
google has a new search engine which I don't like but Msnbc told me how to turn it off. It is called instant search which works OK except for people like me who can't spell worth a darn and then instant search takes off into unknown waters some times. If you want to turn off google instance search just start to type a word in the box and then click on advance search and it will give you the option of turning off instance search. click off and you are home free.
The rain has moved out and I am glad, I don't like rainy days the chicken and the guinea pen gets nasty fast.
I read that facebook users are narcissist and have low self esteem. glad I don't use facebook but I wonder what about us bloggers? Oh, I know bloggers are good looking, intelligence and have stinky feet.
Did you ever notice that WE is ME turned upside down?

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Sister--Three said...

Dog is God spelled backwards!