Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the squawking reporting

This is squawking guinea reporting on the state of the world..
If you were sick and in the emergency room in a certain hospital in Cleveland yesterday you got kicked out on the street.. they had someone important coming . Jimmy carter puked in his peanuts on a airplane and was rushed to the hospital. I don't know about all the patients that were kicked to the curb.
No tax forms from IRS this January the squawking guinea reports. cost of postage is up.
Obama tells the young voters to stick with him. this is no time to be leave the flock he says.
The mayor of Nogales Arizona was arrested for bribery, theft, money laundering and fraud other than these small bumps in the road everything is fine in Nogales unless you are the mayor's father they got him too. some days it just doesn't pay to get off the roost says the squawking guinea.
The vice president says stop your whining about the state of affairs just flap your wings and shut your beak we are doing our best.
14 suicides and 6 more maybe at Fort hood, Texas or they have a someone going around killing people. The military is trying to find a way to prevent people from committing suicide. It looks bad when the G I can't find someone to shot and must kill self.
South west Mo. has the dirtiest political campaign adds That I have ever seen Ky 3 TV should be baned from playing their political adds during family viewing hours. The content of these adds are unfit for human ears.
If you are on I-20 in Georgia driving a truck counter-terrorism is pulling all trucks to the side of the road for a check of their loads. This is your tax dollars at work.


Donna said...

I get more news from your blog than I do from the TV. And now I'm off to google Jimmy Carter (that sounds a little naughty, doesn't it?).

Sister--Three said...

That guinea can sure tell it like it is--pot a rack!