Friday, October 08, 2010

a country of bully guineas

I posted the poster about the United States being a country worthy of God wrath to see if any one felt that the US of A was truly on a down ward spire but most took it that i was asking if The protester had a right to protest at the soldier's funerals who died in battle .

Fleta told me that she didn't think the funerals were public events so the people protesting should not be allowed to protest. The teacher sister came down on the right guaranteed by the Constitution of freedom of speech.

So after given the issue some thought even tho' that wasn't the question I was asking I would say, yes they have the right to express their opinion but in the name of common sense they should consider the feeling of the parent of the dead and find some other means to exercise their freedoms. How about gathering in the street of Dick Chaney's home and exercise their freedom until they are packed off to jail which they would surely be as soon as Dicky could call the cops.

I think that our country is on a downward spiral and it is a sure sign of this when we have young children with no home, no food and no hope of anything to improve in the future. You will notice that the sin these people are so up in arms about is sodomy and abortions but I think the sins they should start considering is greed and gluttony.

This country is like my guinea pen the larger guineas are chasing and harassing the younger guineas, they try to stop the weaker keets from getting food or drink even tho' there is a amply supply of both in the pen in short the strong guineas are chasing and abusing the weaker guineas just because they can and they enjoy being a mean bully. That is a picture of our country at this time.


Sister--Three said...

Sister, it is your JOB to protect those weaker guineas! Whose job to protect these poor children? All of us!

Donna said...

We're on a downward spiral in more ways than one. I'm glad I was born in the time and place I was; hopefully I'll be dead before the worst happens.