Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I went out in the afternoon and one of my lavender guineas was out of the pen . I walked around and around the pen trying to catch her. I say her because she flew to the top of the pen and called pot-rack that is the sound of the female guinea.
I came back in and daughter came out to help me and we managed to open the pen and she flew in but another flew out. This Young fellow flew on top of the coup and starting yelling chi- chi-chi and that meant this was a male. I have decided the first group has 2 females and 5 males so I am not very proud of any of the younger guineas that are males. I had this stick in my hand and I struck at the youngster and he went into the pen right away. I guess that keat knew I meant business.
We had rain last night and the temperature is only suppose to get to 60 degrees. It is 57 degrees now at 8 O'clock.

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Anonymous said...

Pot a rack
Better turn back
or sister Pat
will give you a whack!
Sis 3