Saturday, October 02, 2010

fall plants

When I was planting the late cucumbers I put seed in where the squash had been and the squash bugs had killed them. The bugs worked on the cucumber seed and I only got one plant which was soon over run with grass. This morning I saw a cucumber vine bravely sticking the head up above the tall grass and when I searched I couldn't find any fruit on the vine.
The chickens were yelling give us greens so I reached down and pulled the vine for them reasoning that would would be killed by frost soon. Low and behold There were cucumbers on the vine hidden the the grass.
My marigolds are putting out lovely flowers since the weather has cooled.
3 colored eggs yesterday that means 3 of the pullets laid. one egg was broke and was laying under the roost I suppose it was the first egg and took the pullet by surprise.

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