Thursday, October 07, 2010

my life today

My older guineas are chasing the younger keets and I don't like it. The younger keets seem to be growing but it bugs me to go feed and see the chase start so I learnt yesterday if I pulled my flowers and grass around the yard it would entrain the older guineas so that the younger could get some rest and fill their crops. Zinnias are the poults favorite vegetation.
The temperature was warmer this morning and the dew wasn't present. I think this only the second morning that I have not had dew in my yard this summer.
The hens put up a racket when I gathered the vegetation for the keets they yelled don't you forget us so I had to gather grass for the hens too.
I read the blogger from Harrison didn't know why the people in Springfield Mo. wanted chickens and the reason is people want what they can't have no matter what that might be just tell some one no and they start saying I have to have that no matter what it is. I think they have read about owning chickens and how you can grow your own food and they think it will be as easy as falling off the turnips truck. After they get the chickens most will not want to take the time to feed and water every day and what about when they owner decide to go on a 2 week vacation?
I predicted that Springfield Mo will see lots of "wild" chickens running around.
I know a person who wants chickens, he had 6 grown hens, he did not feed the hens and that was ok because they were running lose and it was spring so would you believe he pened them in a room and something happen to the hens, did they starve from lack of water and feed probably and he never gathered an egg because going to gather eggs ever day was to much trouble. You can't put country in a city boy.

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Donna said...

And you can't put work ethic in a lazy boy.