Saturday, October 09, 2010

Now you gone and done it.

I knew you people would keep talking and expressing your selves with high sounding words and thoughts on a higher plain and you would get Fleta started and she is hard to start, it like poking a stick at a rattle snake first she coils then she rattles two or three warning but if you persist she draws back her head and then Bamb she starts talking and once she starts she is hard to stop.
I saw a video of President Obama speaking to a crowd some where, forgot where, but there was this fellow who started shouting you are a liar, he shouted these words 3 times and then the crowd turned on him they started shoving him and shouting shut up, get out of here we don't want you here! he shut up and retreated. No freedom of speech for him. He had the right but not the might.

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