Thursday, October 28, 2010

old Reeves photo

I found this photo on a genealogy site in Oklahoma. The young men are Sam and Jim Reeves. I have been trying to place the name Reeves seems like someone named Reeves had a store of some kind in Green forest Arkansas. Notice the A.E. Graha that probably is Graham is that the name of the owner of the Graham grocery store in Green Forest for so many years?
Helen thinks I think the government is spying on our blogs, they could if they wanted, not sure that they would be interested in ours tho' the add that popped up on Helen is google . I get those adds all the time. Helen was talking about funerals and google took note of that and the add popped up when she published the post. google wants to sell you something, Helen even if you are dead.
Seek and you will fine... in the Green Forest tribune date December 28, 1899 is this add... Phonographs satisfaction guaranteed , A.E. Graham


Donna said...

The govt. does a bit of snooping on blogs. One time I mentioned that me and Cliff saw Congressman Ike Skelton at the local Chinese place, and I had several "department of congress" visitors the next day. I guess they were checking for death threats or something.

Betty said...

There is a Reeves family in Harrison. Maybe you've heard of Reeves Furniture Store. They are lifelong Harrison residents. Might be related to the guys in your photo. ??