Monday, November 15, 2010

After the Olympics, Eric Liddell began his life's work as a missionary to China, following in his parents footsteps. He served in North China from 1925 until his death in 1945.
When the Japanese invaded China, life became precarious for westerners - especially those like Eric Liddell who were working in Japanese-held territory. In 1941, the British government strongly urged its people to leave. Sending his wife, Florence (neƩ Mackenzie), and their three daughters to safety, Eric Liddell elected to stay.
Imprisoned in a Japanese internment camp in 1943, Eric Liddell developed a brain tumor under conditions where effective treatment was impossible. In spite of tremendous pain, Eric Liddell maintained his faith, courage and kindness towards others until the end - dying shortly after his 43rd birthday in January 1945.
Throughout the past several centuries, the strong and stalwart Scots Protestant tradition has produced great men and women of every profession and field of scholarship, but nowhere has Scotland been better served than by the Scottish missionaries who have given their lives for the sake of Christ and His message.
Eric Liddell chose to live a dangerous, materially unrewarding life in China, serving his God, when fame and riches were within his grasp. His greatness of heart and unwavering conviction are an inspiration to people of faith everywhere.
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